Mara Nicandro NMT

Mara Nicandro LMT, NMT, MMT, NKT®, HLC1, Nctmb Certified Neuromuscular Therapist and Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Mara Nicandro NMT

Placing clients first since 2003 by helping individuals like you to function with less pain and stress in their busy lives. Work with me and the first line of defense will be to restore musculo-skeletal balance to the body because true wellness requires body and mind synchronization. The therapies I offer enhance your health and establish the body and mind connection.

Why is this important, muscular imbalances can lead to dysfunctional movement/coordination but when caught early enough can be corrected to improve mobility and range of motion. This will help you reconnect with your body and is the first step to bring to recovery. Next with my coaching programs I show you how to utilize & trust your intuition, you will be led to the recovery tools that are right for you. You will feel once again empowered to make healthy choices for your body, your mind and your spirit.

My goal is to be an integral part in supporting you in combating symptoms and underlying causes of chronic pain so you can live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. A dynamic combination of manual and restorative therapies with natural holistic approaches to set you on a path of healing and by giving you tools to maintain at home as well. You will feel once again empowered to make healthy choices for your body, your mind and your spirit.

Your sessions will consist of evidence informed approaches  and skilled assessment to identify the possible source of dysfunction followed by precise treatment.

My practice integrates
Clinical application of Neuromuscular Therapy
Muscle Energy Techniques
Structural Balance during Pregnancy
Core Connecting Class to change your posture
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Neurokinetic Therapy® 
Assess your stress
Food sensitivity test

Available: Tues, Wed and Thurs

What’s my philosophy and a personal note from me

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Mara Nicandro NMT

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by Maria DeVore on Chicago NeuroMuscularTherapy

I began seeing Mara a few months after delivering my daughter. I was nursing and a common symptom of nursing is poor posture and arms and hands falling asleep during nursing and at any other time.

My condition was horrible and prohibited me from sleeping during the few precious hours a new mom gets. I was in so much pain I would lay wide awake in tears from lack of sleep and pain.

After my first visit with Mara I experienced immediate relief. Mara has a wonderful beside manor and explained everything she was doing.

I continued to see Mara weekly for about 7 weeks before spreading my visits out a bit longer apart. Everyone varies depending on their condition.

Mara's therapy combined with regular stretching exercises has greatly improved my condition so much so that I can sleep pain free! I will continue to continue to see Mara for "maintenance" and to keep my body in check.

My husband also began seeing Mara for neck pain he experiences when he is stressed as we all are in this busy world!

Thank You Mara!