What to expect after a therapy session

Drink Plenty Of Water: Make sure to stay hydrated.

Give Yourself Some Time: You may not always feel better right away. Extremely tight muscles before a session can even make you feel even a little sorer right after. Take a nap if you can, take a bath after your massage in Epsom salt and baking soda, use an ice-pack on any specific areas that feel tender.

If you wake up the next morning feeling tired or even exhausted – just start drinking water until you feel better.

After your appointment any suggested homework, please adhere to, this will reinforce results. For example active stretching exercises should be done to minimize soreness. If you have any questions or concerns call me 312-451-5771 or ask me during your session (it’s OK to ask).

Don’t Quit Just Because You Feel Better: Prevention is always better than treatment and a maintenance plan can keep you feeling good. Regular clients tend to report better results than those that just go in when they absolutely have to.

Treat it as you would any other activity that can help your well-being. Rather than considering it a pampering luxury, make it a part of your new healthier lifestyle!