Therapy that works to optimize your health








Structural Balancing therapy that works and is designed to restore posture, functional movement and ending patterns of imbalance resulting from trauma or from habitually stressful patterns of use. The principles of Neuromuscular Therapy are applied for low back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel etc.








Supporting women throughout pregnancy and beyond. Why posture? Poor posture during pregnancy increases your chances of experiencing lower back and hip pain. Reduce, sciatic nerve pain, headaches, joint pain, reduce edema, improve sleep.







TMJ Dysfunction Therapy Restore proper function of the jaw and relieve pain. Breathing, core strength are also assessed. Find Relief of Migraine, Grinding/Clenching your teeth, sore muscles (usually in the temple or cheek areas). Headaches that can be actually muscle soreness.








Relaxation and Tension Relief Therapy Improve sleep, reduces stress, increase energy, decreases depression and anxiety. This session is focused on producing a deep state of tranquility to quiet and calm the mind, body, and spirit. Swedish massage techniques applied








Pre/Post Lymphatic Manual Drainage Benefit for post surgically is to prevent or alleviate edema or swelling. Several studies on effectiveness in the treatment of fibromyalgia indicate that MLD yields positive results in terms of pain relief, stiffness, sleep and general health status.








Pain Relief and Recovery Therapy The goals of therapy is to work fast to eliminate your pain and improve your function as effectively as possible! Initial evaluation is required and proceeding expanded therapy sessions weekly. Pain relief, pain management, injury rehabilitation and functional movement through non-invasive, non-surgical, movement and hands-on therapy.  Sciatica, chronic pain….








Neurokinetic Therapy™ Unlock Dysfunctional patterns to aid the healing process. What the session is like? Dysfunctional movement patterns are found, unlocked, and corrected.