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by Felice Hutchings on Chicago NeuroMuscularTherapy
A new path to healing

For years I have been struggling to heal my poor crooked spine, surrounded by relentlessly tight and sore muscles. My approach was somewhat regular chiropractic care with occasion massage appointments and daily exercise: biking, cardio at the gym, pilates and yoga. For a while that seemed to be working, until it wasn't working at all. I started intensive treatment with a new chiropractor who recommended Mara, who she, herself had gone to for treatment. My muscular problems were inhibiting the spinal adjustments and straight forward massage, as great as it feels, was only a quick fix.My first appointment with Mara, was down right amazing. I couldn't believe how great I felt walking out of there! The next day, my chiropractor was thrilled with the ease in which she could adjust me! She has given me exercises to maintain the positive results of her treatments. I've learned a lot from Mara about what's happening in my body when I move. It's fascinating and she is awesome!

by Ashley Flores on Chicago NeuroMuscularTherapy
No More Pain

I went to Mara for help with some hip pain I've been dealing with for years. She was very thorough, and was able to get right to the source of the pain in a way nobody else ever has. She worked with my hips and related areas, and helped me with some other body areas I didn't even know she could help with, like my achey thumb joint. My pain has been gone now for several weeks, and I feel so much better. Mara clearly knows exactly what to look for and what to do to take care of it. I highly recommend seeing Mara!

Ironman prepared

I was referred to Mara from a family friend. I had been having chronic calf issues while preparing for my first Ironman. I had been seeking different treatment options with physical therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture. All of which were helping but I really needed to feel good about everything because well... it was the Ironman. Mara really took her time to find the root of the issue and other imbalances. She really helped me build a better understanding of my body and where I was compensating for weaker areas, and going in I was feeling pretty strong. I saw her for a few weeks in a row while she gave me helpful release and activation exercises so that I wouldn't rely on her and so I can feel confident in my own abilities. It was her simple but thorough explanations of the Neuro lock during treatment that I trusted. I am no longer in my 20's and cannot muscle through everything. So learning how my body should operate was invaluable. I will continue to see her monthly just to have her check on me and hopefully I can show her my progress. I completed 140.6 miles of swimming, cycling and running in Madison and can proudly say I am an Ironman because her help.

by Jaclyn Goldis on Chicago NeuroMuscularTherapy
Jaw & Total Body Healing

When I first came to Mara, I had incredible tension in my face, especially in my jaw. It plagued me constantly, and I was grinding my teeth to bits and had been wearing a bite guard for years. I was skeptical that these issues could be fixed, but after my first session with Mara, I was a believer. She instantly provided so much relief in my jaw and addressed the points in my body that were contributing to my jaw clenching. After a few months of treatment from Mara, I have a whole new jaw. I no longer feel the deep clench in the morning and the resulting ache and the tension in my head has greatly subsided. In addition, I came to Mara with lower back pain that Mara told me was connected to my jaw. I'd had this pain for years and gone to numerous chiropractors to address it, but only Mara, with her total body detectiving, was able to resolve it for me. My back hasn't hurt in months. I am so very grateful to Mara! What she does is truly miraculous.

by Katie O'Connor on Chicago NeuroMuscularTherapy
post pregnancy healing

I was in bad shape after giving birth to both of my children. I suffered from intensive neck and back pain from nursing with poor posture and my abdomen is very weak from two c-section births. Mara has helped me tremendously! I felt much better for weeks after her treatment and my abdomen muscles are strengthening each time I see Mara. I continue to get stronger and feel better with Mara's help. She can help mom feel like herself after baby!

by Meadow Smith on Chicago NeuroMuscularTherapy
help where you need it

Often times where you feel discomfort might not be the source of the disfunction. It takes a keen mind to detect where a body is failing and know how to adjust it to proper working order. Mara "the body detective" uses clues that your muscles give her to locate what needs to be repaired, and then she does it - just like that. Experience the difference of being well balanced by booking an appointment with Mara.