Shoulder instability – Prevent rotator cuff dysfunction

Suzanne Ko of Skofit

Bottom two are start and finish position of barbell dead-lift. Top one is triangle pose, a pose that Suzanne had limitations for a long time since the shoulder instability.

You don’t have to live with chronic pain! 

The design of the shoulder joint is such that it sacrifices stability for mobility. As an extremely mobile joint the shoulder is at risk for injury.

Muscles that become shortened and tight due to many factors often can become dysfunctional and can lead to adhesion’s, facilitation/inhibition, and synergistic dominance.

Even poor breathing due to compensation patterns will prevent you from performing at your best and leads you further away from your goals, or worse, may get you injured!

Prevent rotator cuff dysfunction as well as instability or worse frozen shoulder.

After her therapy session I was able to to stabilize her shoulder and give her recommended homework to reinforce and maintain stabilization, Suzanne was able to achieve her goal.

Client Spotlight – Suzanne’s shoulder pain:

July 23rd Much needed NKT® tune-up with Mara Nicandro. Not breathing properly was the culprit, setting off a chain of events and creating instability in left shoulder. Crazy.

August 26th Shoulder is feeling the best it has ever been. Great range of motion and no pain! Reaching my left arm in triangle pose used to not feel good. Not anymore!

September 15th I would say I was able to perform a kettlebell military press overhead, without restriction and pain. Having felt hesitation to reach overhead in triangle pose, I was able to reach without hesitation or restriction for the first time in several months. It was a milestone in recovery for me. Pictures of Triangle Pose and Barbell Deadlift (after a month of doing these in my new program, I hit a personal record of 205 lbs) Suzanne Ko of SKo-Fit Chicago

Therapy sessions promote deep breathing, improve posture, promote joint stability, balance and coordination, eating based on your unique body type, reduces anxiety, enhances a calm mind, increases self-awareness and mental alertness. You can schedule online a consultation or appointment via ScheduleNOW.