Roadblocks preventing good health

A healthy lifestyle is the bond that connects all of our systems together.

Inflammation in the body manifests itself in many, many ways. It could be joint pain, behavior issues, obesity, weight gain, gastrointestinal, skin related, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, dementia, high cholesterol or blood pressure, chronic sinus infection, seasonal allergies, chronic ear infection, and so on. When you have a symptom your body is giving you a sign that something is amiss. You have to dig deeper and ask WHY, and what is the cause of the symptom in order for your body to heal. If you don’t address the inflammation and calm down the immune system, inflammation will continue to manifest itself in different ways. Taking medication to address a symptom helps the symptom, but doesn’t address the underlying inflammation and stress to your body.

If you’ve tried everything and not sure you can pinpoint what is the cause, assess whether your current lifestyle is contributing to your situation so you can begin on the road to balance your whole self.

Is stress to your body and mind a roadblock to your health? The following are signs that it is.

  • You experience backaches and headaches.
  • You’re not sleeping well.
  • Do you have skin problems like acne, rashes, eczema and age spots
  • Even when you sleep well, you’re still tired.
  • You’re gaining weight.
  • Your gut is acting up signaling digestive imbalance.
  • You catch colds and other infections easily.
  • You crave unhealthy foods.
  • Your sex drive is in the crapper.
  • You feel anxious.
  • You feel blue.
  • Ready to change. Learn more about how to reduce stress responses, increase relaxation responses,  implement real change?

The body is equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms but these mechanisms only work when the nervous system is relaxed. The list above all signal imbalances in your body/mind/life stress that can cause chronic pain and lower your immunity allowing disease to attack the body.  Answering these questions can be the first step to recognizing where to begin to make effective changes to reduce or eliminate them.

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps. Confucius

A unique assessment tool – the Nutritional and Lifestyle Health Appraisal Questionnaire (HAQ) an effective tool that is incredibly successful at identifying the vitality-depleting factors that compromise an individual’s health and well-being.

Questions about your diet, exercise regimen, lifestyle, stress, sleep patterns, bowel habits, and mental and spiritual outlook. The health analysis will assess the relationships between diet, internal organ stress and lifestyle factors and musculoskeletal pain.

How does this help chronic pain and fine tune structural therapy?

Understanding the important roles that sleep, food quality, stress reduction techniques, and exercise play in improving your health and learning practical methods that initiate valuable lifestyle changes will reinforce the affects of structural therapy. Balance your life and body.

What your level of stress is doing to your body
The appropriate level of exercise for you
What diet best serves your body
Learn how to balance your body systems so you can exemplify well-being!

I encourage gradual changes that enhance your nutrition, rehabilitation and performance plan – allowing healing in its entirety.

Lifestyle and nutrition health assessment

Is a blueprint for living well: Disease and stress are preventable through healthy eating habits lifestyle management and appropriate types of exercise. Learn practical ways to live a lifestyle more in tune with the therapy provided giving you a holistic balanced approach to care.

We assess all areas of health; food, movement, rest and emotional well-being. If we deprive one area of ourselves of what it needs to function effectively, the others become compromised and we move towards a state of imbalance; we become unwell and unhappy.

Assess your health today, to learn more Lifestyle  and Nutrition

Discover if you are eating for your body type, move, sleep and be happy using practical tools and practices that move you towards optimizing your health.

Mara Nicandro
Certified Neuromuscular Therapist and Holistic Lifestyle Coach


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