Pre and Post Surgical Lymphatic Drainage

Many benefits can result from lymphatic drainage before and after surgery.  Lymphatic drainage seems to promote tissue regeneration therefore reducing the formation and severity of scars which can be unsightly and sometimes painful.

Treatment can begin as soon as 24 hrs. after surgery, with approval of the doctor and as long as there are no contra-indications.  After surgery the lymphatic pathways will be very different.  Studies have shown that it takes between seven and ten days for the natural and functional continuity of the lymphatic vessels to be re-established.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of applying lymphatic drainage post surgically is to prevent or alleviate edema or swelling.  Swelling can cause pain and create a predisposition to infection.

Applications of Pre and Post Surgical MLD

Pre-surgery: One to three treatment sessions are recommended.  Benefits may include:

  • preparation of tissue for surgery,
  • reduces edema and swelling; it may allow surgery to be scheduled sooner,
  • stimulation of the immune system,
  • induces a state of relaxation.

Post-surgery: As soon as 24hrs after surgery.  Benefits may include:

  • reduction in post-surgical edema or swelling,
  • encourages lymphatic “re-routs,
  • pain reduction,
  • detoxification of body tissues helps reverse build-up of toxins secondary to effects of medication,
  • stimulates fluid circulation,
  • stimulates the immune system and helps prevent post-surgical infections,
  • improves skin regeneration and wound healing and optimizes the scarring process.