My philosophy

Getting out of pain has many paths. Attend to the entire person, including the mind and body, as a whole, not as parts or segments. Maximize the body’s own natural healing resources to combat and prevent disease.

What does balance mean to me, picture a 3 legged stool that supports you. I emphasize exercise, proper nutrition and personal connections as the critical legs of this sturdy stool.

Where I come in, my goal is to be an integral part in supporting you in combating symptoms and underlying causes of chronic pain so you can live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I do this by combining manual therapy and natural holistic approaches that integrates NUTRITION, movement, assessment and REHABILITATIVE techniques for low BACK PAIN, neck pain, chronic jaw tension, migraines, headaches, acid re-flux and other injuries.

Working with the body will help you unwind old habits or movement patterns that have led to decreased mobility and pain. You will begin to restore movement to joints, muscles and connective tissues that may be restricted. Disease and stress are preventable, working with you on diet and lifestyle you will learn practical ways to live a lifestyle more in tune with therapy providing a balanced approach to care.

Sessions will promote deep breathing, improve posture, promote joint stability, balance and coordination, eating based on your unique body type, reduces anxiety, enhances a calm mind, increases self-awareness and mental alertness all to prevent chronic pain.

This is not a one session quick fix; this is a collaboration of me with you, and you with your body.