How c-section scars interfere with the body’s messaging system

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scar can interfere with the body's (1)You have done everything right but you may be wondering why you still feel disconnected to parts of your body weeks after recovery time from your surgical incision or worse you are starting to have pain that keeps coming back. C-Section scars can interfere with the body’s messaging system. Many women who have had a c-section will tell you that their abs have not felt the same since and their body is relying on that scar tissue instead of the abdominal musculature. In this post, I will discuss why this can happen as the result of a C-section scar as well as a powerful solution.

3 ways scars can wreak havoc after recovery

  1. Scar tissue is fibrous tissue that replaces normal tissue after an injury or surgery. It’s made of the same stuff as the tissue it replaces—collagen. However, the quality of the collagen is inferior to the tissue it replaces. Plus, the tissue is usually not as elastic as the original tissue.
  2. Another physiological problem connected with scar tissue. Your skin, it plays an important role in our proprioceptive and tactile senses, giving us information about where our body is in space. Active scars, on the outside of the body, can distort our proprioception and potentially create dysfunctions of both muscles and joints as they typically pass through several layers of soft tissue. This interruption of tactile perception may occur following a surgery.
  3. The pain and dysfunction caused by a scar is not always going to be in the area where the scar is located. Scar tissue can wreak havoc with referred pain patterns that are caused by compensating muscles, chronic low back pain or neck pain.

When the dermis and the fascia are affected by scars, these structures are altered, and their function and capacity of interaction with the external and internal environment are lacking.

So how are scar tissue treated in my practice? 

Abdominal Re-education therapy integrates a powerful combination of techniques for scars and how they affect movement patterns throughout the body which is key to restoring function and eliminating compensations that arise from scar tissue.  Manual lymphatic drainage and NeuroKinetic Therapy® the latter works by communicating with the motor control center of the brain yielding faster and longer-lasting results than many other techniques. Please note scarring that affects the pelvic floor is not exclusive to C-section it can happen as a result of any trauma or surgery to the area.

I was in bad shape after giving birth to both of my children. I suffered from intensive neck and back pain from nursing with poor posture and my abdomen is very weak from two c-section births. Mara has helped me tremendously! I felt much better for weeks after her treatment and my abdomen muscles are strengthening each time I see Mara. I continue to get stronger and feel better with Mara’s help. She can help mom feel like herself after baby! Katie O’Connor, Chicago

Because scars interrupt the flow of efferent and afferent information, their presence must be dealt with, not just through manipulation, but also via their influence on dysfunctional movement patterns.

Skin, fascias, and scars: symptoms and systemic connections

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