Food sensitivity testimonials

1. I am writing to report great benefits after one week of following the ALCAT recommendations for the 150 food intolerance test. I have been aware of the foods I am allergic to for years and eliminated those foods from my diet. The awesome thing is that the foods on the food intolerance list were different from foods I noticed myself responding allergically to. I had no idea my immune system was intolerant of veggies such as broccolli and fruits like grapes. I always thought, “The more fruits and veggies the better.” However, after eliminating the foods on the red and orange lists for one week I have experienced benefits beyond my expectations. My mind is clearer and I am thinking more creatively and with more clarity. I have more physical energy and endurance and am not fatigued as I was a week ago. My digestion is much better. A friend said I look like I’m glowing! Thank you for the great guidance. This was well worth the cost and time and energy it took to do.

Sincerely, Bari from California

2. Clinical Diagnosis: Heavy metal toxicity and major gastro-intestinal issues, including leaky gut syndrome.
In August of 2005, after taking a course of antibiotics, I developed an inner weakness and excessive hunger. At the time my family and I thought related to anxiety from upcoming sinus surgery. Following sinus surgery and several courses of antibiotics, my symptoms intensified and included:
…I had brain fog, felt like I had a major hang-over (gross sensation in my head), felt loss of coordination and continuous ringing in my ears. My face was burning, felt numbness in my legs and arms, was eating excessively to feed an enormous hunger, felt rapid fluctuations in my blood sugars, felt like I was in a ‘drunk state’, was symptomatic to refined sugars and carbohydrates and had no energy in my body. Additionally, I felt a massive internal weakness within my body, like my muscles were detached from my bones.
After many medical tests and brief hospitalization over a 6 week period, the medical community could not find anything wrong with me. I continued my search for an answer to my symptoms by visiting with an integrative MD (licensed medical doctor who also uses natural treatments). He ran a blood test for heavy metals and also did a stool test. The tests showed that I had mercury toxicity that was off the charts and fungus/anaerobic bacteria. I was put on a natural treatment to remove the metals and also anti-fungal medications and herbs to kill the anaerobic bacteria. The treatment was working until I ran into issues with a parasitic infection.
ALCAT to the rescue—to start the gut repair process my GI doctor had me do a food allergy test with ALCAT laboratory. The test showed the allergenic foods that I needed to avoid for a 3-6 month period in order to prevent further inflammatory responses that would prevent my gut from healing properly. With the help from ALCAT’s nutritionist I developed a rotational diet from the foods that I was allowed to eat. I also continued with IV therapy treatments and the medicine food supplementation.
By following the diet I immediately noticed that the inflammatory reactions were lessening, as I know longer felt my hernia displaced and the lupus type redness around my nose subsided. Within 5 months I gained back 38 pounds, going from 137 to 175. My gut was now healing and I was on the road to recovery.
Without identifying the trigger foods with ALCAT that kept my gut inflamed I would still be on a treadmill trying to recover my health. I am very thankful for all the help and advice that I received.
Glen from Massachusetts