Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

carpaltunnelsyndromLooking for an effective treatment and avoid surgery, well you found it – Neuromuscular Therapy is a non-surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) it addresses the cause of the problem at its root, by normalizing the muscles of the forearm.

Often times CTS is incorrectly used as a blanket diagnosis for all conditions involving any of the symptoms occurring in the wrist or hand.

So the aim of treatment is to regain function by restoring mobility and stability to the joint. It’s also quite effective at improving dysfunctional posture patterns that, if uncorrected, can cause eventual degeneration of the joints.

All this can ease pressure on the nerve from inflamed tendons within the carpal tunnel and excessive fluid in the wrist area.

Studies have shown that both general massage and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-targeted massage treatment programs reduced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Gains in grip strength, however, were only noted with the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-targeted massage.

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Most of us have heard the name of carpal tunnel syndrome, but not many know what it is. Here is an explanation, after all, the more information you have, the better a decision you can make as to how you want to go about eliminating it.

A tingling, prickling and/or burning sensations, pain or numbness affecting some part of the median nerve distribution of the hand. The affects of the palmer side of the thumb, index finger, and radial half of the ring finger and radial half of the palm. This pain may radiate into the arm.

There may be a history of cumulative trauma to the wrist. Some systemic conditions are associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, including diabetes, hypothyroidism, arthritis, and pregnancy. More than half of all pregnant women develop symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Fortunately, the condition generally improves after childbirth.

It’s common in people who use computers, vibrating tools or machinery. Whether or not typing causes carpal tunnel syndrome is still controversial, yet it seems appropriate that anyone who spends much time at the computer be familiar with techniques in prevention of this problem.

Some causes may be:

  • disease of the tendon sheaths
  • wrist join abnormalities
  • irregularities of the bones
  • fluid retention
  • venous obstruction with the tunnel

Signs and symptoms are:

  • pain
  • weakness
  • tingling, prickling and/or burning, numbness sensations; heightened sensitivity
  • motor paralysis in the territories supplied by the median nerve ( loss of feeling)

The possibility of an acute fracture or sprain must be ruled out.

In addition to which ever treatment protocol you choose, you should also be aware that the majority of cases in carpal tunnel syndrome are caused by:

  • Overuse
  • Poor posture or positioning
  • A combination of both of the above.

Because our behavior, posture, and positioning of our bodies are usually the cause of both carpal tunnel syndrome and thoracic outlet syndrome, it only makes sense to modify our behaviors to prevent future issues.

A diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel syndrome is not a life sentence. There are many ways to reduce your symptoms without getting surgery. Schedule today to find out if the cause of your symptoms is muscular dysfunction. I will help empower you in your search for wellness, providing education about the condition and suggestions about what to do at home to maintain your treatments.

How is it different from anything you have tried?

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Significant improvement

I have been having problems with carpal tunnel syndrome due to pregnancy. I am also a violinist and have some playing-related issues with my arms and shoulders.

Mara helped me completely regain the strength of my grip and eliminated much of the pain I was having due to carpal tunnel. She has also helped me improve the range of motion in my shoulders that had been diminished due to violin-related injuries.

Unfortunately, as my pregnancy progresses my carpal tunnel symptoms eventually return after each session, but I feel that the therapy is keeping things under control and that without it my symptoms would be much more debilitating, as they were during my first pregnancy without any NMT.