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Sitting has become the new smoking of the current decade. It contribute to the risk of gluteal amnesia, developing hip joint dysfunction, neck/back pain, and many others. Even those who exercise regularly are not combating the long term effects of sitting when much of their day. Other than the 1-2 hours they spend exercising, involves sitting. It’s essential to align posture to combat this epidemic.

The focus of my practice  integrates therapies which align the body by treating and correcting muscular imbalances. To improve your posture and prevent chronic pain. In order to reinforce the corrected patterns that you gain when working with me. It made sense to include self care as a way to lock in those changes.

Why posture

Having good posture can keep your energy level high, boost confidence, lower fear, depression and anxiety etc..

This TED Talk by Amy Cuddy summarizes research concluding that five minutes of good posture a day radically alter beneficial hormone levels that affect our mood and other peoples’ attitudes towards us.

The posture and fascia Connection

The Fascia Research Congress defines fascia as all collagenous fibrous connective tissues that can be seen as elements of a body-wide tensional force transmission network. Most fascia tissue is composed of collagen except for a few elastin fibers and together they link every part of your body together as one cohesive structure.

Developing and maintaining control of posture and movement is a necessary requirement for optimal performance. While minimizing compensatory patterns that potentially lead to injury. Although optimal performance is often attributed primarily to the muscle system. Recent evidence has suggested that the intricate relationship between the nervous, muscular, and fascial systems is vital in developing and maintaining control of posture and movement.

Movement Therapy to align posture and help you stay pain-free.

You can now change your body with a new and innovative approach. The approach improves a weak back and helps you create good posture. We are now offering private classes of functional movement therapy. Named after it’s purpose Core Connecting. Meant to reprogram your body for improved breathing and to sustain a more natural posture. A technique invented by Michaelle Edwards of Yogalign.

To quote Albert Schweitzer “Every human being carries within him his own doctor”

The class integrates breathing and self-guided massage with neuromuscular re-patterning techniques to tone the core muscles of the body. Empowering you to align your posture and help you stay pain-free.

The advantages you gain from taking this class. 

  1. Unique breathing techniques that tone the core and align posture from the inside out.
  2. Self-guided massage to stimulate blood flow, nourish tissues and increase kinesthetic awareness.
  3. Fascial freedom of the connective tissue web – a major determinant of our posture, movement and even our moods.
  4. Neuromuscular re-patterning techniques encoding aligned posture at the nervous system level.
  5. Activating the psoas/diaphragm connection for core centered movement, enhanced breathing, organ support, and emotional balance.
  6. You will create a naturally aligned posture and eliminate chronic pain.

What makes it different from other classes

This functional movement therapy class stabilizes the body by encoding aligned posture at the nervous system level to improve your alignment as a whole.

If you have a sincere desire to take care of your body and mind. Then this class is for you. Schedule today with Schedulicity and learn the art of listening to your body, the clues about subtle alignment, and being at ease.

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